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6 Weeks


Must have 2 years of experience in Leadership

We have established an online Leadership Programme. This programme is designed for Managers, Directors and key decision makers. This program is developed for the world of coaching. Coaching is a key skill that we can all improve.

Due to the COVID-19 period, we require world leaders to stand firm now, enabling them to overcome this period of uncertainty. Leaders who employ coaching as a strategy to address performance, individual and team outcomes, and whom use culture change tend to become more successful.

This 6-week program offers coaching frameworks for leaders and decision makers to strengthen their coaching skills. Through our Virtual Online Website, World Leaders will be able to access important lecturing materials, world leading case studies and strategies to fine-tune their essential coaching skills. Topics covered include how to design a coaching engagement, the significant importance of how to coach individuals and teams, and core principles and qualities to look for when hiring coaches for your company.

Program Benefits

Programme Deliverables

Week 1

Developing a coaching thinking in order to examine the best World Leading coaching principles and best practices.

Week 2

Discover the essential capabilities for effective thinking, coaching, being, doing and developing the important know how.

Week 3

Using world leading personal assessment tools to support people understand how others observe them.

Week 4

Adapting your leadership styles to the needs of others, which enable you to practice new and different leadership techniques.

Week 5

Overcoming world-leading challenges to deliver difficult feedback in a way that promotes constructive outcomes.

Week 6

Obtaining greater self-awareness through coaching and further implementing new future leadership models where world-leading organisations will benefit hugely.

Who should participate in this programme?

This program is designed for all World Leading decision makers, who want to develop a coaching approach to leadership as well as world leading HR professionals who want to coach leaders within their organisations.

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