World Leading Coaching Course

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Study Duration:

10 Weeks

No Qualifications are Necessary:

No formal qualification(s) required.

This 10-week course is designed to support world leaders who want to enhance their coaching skills. This course will prepare, provide and signify important ways of how to provide relevant interventions. It will provide coaching practices to understand the client’s needs and/or requirements in more of a proficient way.

You may have a business in life, sports, retail, computer technology, health, within corporate sectors, public sectors, or it may be that you want to invest in this course to become a proficient coach. Whatever your situation maybe, this course will certainly develop and deepen your practice as a result of enrolling for this subject area.

This course is suited for world corporate leaders who want to expand their practical expertise in the area of coaching.

Programme Details

Week 1

Develop your own critical examination of what is coaching. Develop your Unique Selling Propositions (USP’s).

Week 2

Practicing the reflective journaling for the coach and client.

Week 3

Developing the correct mindset for the coach, for the client, and for the world.

Week 4

Working with a new strategy of creating short-term and long-term goals.

Week 5

To enhance business development for coaches to practice, where you can use word of mouth, networking, publicity, raising your profile and social media.

Week 6

Working within a group to develop group dynamics.

Week 7

Motivating a client, motivating you and motivating your peer-peer relationships.

Week 8

Working on strategies to upscale existing model based on new research findings.

Week 9

Working on developing new business models to enhance further coaching relationships with coachee’s.

Week 10

Wrapping up key practical elements of how to use Coach individuals and key organisations.

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